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Education Everywhere: Admin dashboard

1. Is Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere a full cloud based solution?

Yes Blocksi Manager EE does not rely on any hardware security appliance whether at school or in the cloud via virtual security appliance which is pretty much the same as having an hardware security appliance.

Blocksi Manager relies on a fully distributed database architecture in the cloud and does not rely on any proxy solution that tends to cause SSL certificate error or be slow.

Blocksi Manager filtering technology commands the browser what to display and does not rely on any DNS proxy.

2. What SSO provider is being used to access the administrator dashboard?

Blocksi Manager requires you to have a google domain and a GSuite super admin user to be able to register and access the administrator dashboard. If you have an LDAP or AD Identity provider, GSuite for Education provides tool to bridge these the GSuite SSO and a third party identity provider.

3. Is Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere a DNS Proxy or DNS forwarding solution?

No, Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere is to be used with any chrome client whether on a chromebook or on a desktop ( Windows or MacOS) and sits directly in the browser, filtering at the browser level rather than at the network level.

4. How long does it take to set up and maintain my filtering policies across my whole domain ?

Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere leverages the GSuite for Education Ecosystem and pushes it to every chrome clients extensions through the google cloud.

As such, deploying an efficient and granular filtering policy across a 10 000 chrome client school district, does not take more than 10 minutes.

5. How do I manage my content filtering policies across my various domain and sub domains ?

The Administrator Dashboard is a cloud based dashboard that you can access from anywhere including from your smartphone. It is secured by your GSuite administrator account.

6. Can i manage the parent and the teacher accounts from my administrator dashboard

Yes, the administrator dashboard allows you, not only to grant access to the parents and teachers to their respective dashboards, but as well to enable specific features on the teacher and parent dashboards, such as, specific filtering policies for teachers classes as well as Blocksi content analysis for cyberbullying and for other inappropriate online behavior.

7. Can I use Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere with other devices than Chromebook ?

Yes you can use Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere with any other device that supports Chrome browser and extensions whether on a MacOS or Windows Desktop or on Chromebooks.

8. How do i enforce Chrome browser on Windows or MacOS deskop ?

You can prevent the use of a third party browser, other than chrome, by using apps such as NetApp or use Blocksi DNS along with the Blocksi client for Windows and MacOS. Blocksi DNS enforces the chrome browser.

9. Does Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere support Youtube filtering in a extended way or does it support only the Youtube Strict mode filtering ?

BMEE supports a very rich and enhanced Youtube filtering. For example you can block all Youtube content or specific parts of Youtube while only allowing channels of your choice. BMEE Youtube filtering allows filtering across 20 Youtube categories, channels and content description as well as black/white lists; At the same time it supports, within these categories, 2 modes of filtering: strict and moderate.

10. Does Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere support geofencing and time based filtering policies ?

BMEE supports geofencing, meaning that you can have different filtering policies based on where the chromebook or chrome client is located. At the same time, it supports time scheduled filtering policies and as such allows you to set different granular filtering policies onto the chromebook or chrome client at certain times of the day.

11. Does Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere supports insights per user ?

BMEE supports full analytics per user, per OU, per action, and also provides content analysis to detect misbehavior at a per user level across 12 misbehavior categories such as cyber bullying, profanit, etc.

12. Is Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere a proxy based solution?

No, BMEE does not use proxy for URL categorization. The Blocksi extension sends categorization requests to the Blocksi Cloud service.Traffic does not traverse any Blocksi maintained proxy server.

13. Does the Blocksi solution work with HTTPS sites as well?

Yes, Blocksi solution supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

14. Does Blocksi solution use HTTPS decoding/encoding?

Blocksi does not force any HTTPS decoding and thus does not generate any certificate errors when users access HTTPS sites.

15. Is Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere a G Suite approved solution?

Yes, Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere can be found on G Suite Marketplace and the Blocksi extension is also available on the Chrome Webstore.