Meet the Leadership

Fuad Bahou

CEO and Founder

Fuad serves as the visionary force behind Blocksi, fueled by a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship that led to its founding. His strategic leadership and dedication to fostering a vibrant company culture are instrumental in driving Blocksi’s success.

Ernest Dixon

Director of Customer Success

Ernest Dixon, a former educator, improves learning environments by connecting technology and education. He collaborates with Blocksi’s customers to maximize benefits, ensuring seamless integration of innovative products for effective learning and digital safety.

Paul Schiltgen

Director of Channel Sales

With 17+ years of experience in SLED/K-12 EdTech, Paul is very committed to the field of education and empowering the next generation of students. His expertise shines in effectively coordinating stakeholders for district-wide technology initiatives and overseeing seamless project deployments.

Sandra Rice

Regional Sales Manager

Sandra, our experienced Regional Sales Manager, brings over 20 years of sales expertise with a significant background in educational sales. Employing a hands-on approach and leveraging market insight, she consistently exceeds targets, ensuring outstanding results and customer satisfaction.

Teamwork Efforts

Teamwork Efforts

In the fast-paced tech industry, progress flourishes through team collaboration. Our team is made up of engineers, designers, and visionaries, bringing an incomparable set of experiences and wishes for constant growth. From cracking complex software codes to deliberating over the ideal pizza toppings for our Friday gatherings, we embrace every challenge with creativity and confidence, believing there’s no obstacle we can’t overcome.

Problem-Solving Mindset

Problem-Solving Mindset

Our team thrives on diverse thinking, ideas, and practices in everything we do. We solve bug fixes after moments of group brainstorming and implement user-requested features on the fly. It’s not just about resolving software challenges; it’s our way of coding a little Blocksi curiosity into every solution.

Engaging With Community

Engaging With Community

Our mission is all about making real connections in our community. We get a kick out of chatting with our current and future clients, catching up with them at events, all decked out in our cool Blocksi swag. And guess what? We’re also keen on connecting with the broader education community to exchange ideas and enhance learning for the next generation!


Alexander Sands

Sales & Support Engineer

At Blocksi, I’ve been able to expand my skills in my current role and explore other areas of interest. The teamwork culture is exceptional. Collaborating across different teams, benefiting from diverse skill sets, and working toward shared objectives has been a rewarding experience.


Stefan Cresnar

Technical Scrum Master

As a former software developer, I am captivated by the technical complexity of our solution. The dynamic environment fosters continuous team learning, embracing new technologies and approaches. I am proud to help lead this constant growth and innovation journey and push boundaries.


Kendall Freeman

Customer Success Manager

As a former educator, I love the product we offer. My favorite part of working here is the incredible opportunity I have each day to empower educators in their classrooms and provide them innovative ways to interact with their students while creating a safe learning environment.


Narigona Jahiri

Marketing Executive

Joining Blocksi and working as a marketing executive has been fantastic. Working with a talented team, we consistently engage in creative projects. It is truly rewarding to be part of a company that positively shapes the educational landscape.


Theo Sandberg

Sales Representative

I love helping educators and students make each day with Blocksi meaningful. Whether assisting students in need or saving time or teachers, every day with Blocksi has a purpose. Talking to dozens of people serving the next generation daily is a privilege. I love Blocksi!


Marko Vuzem

UX/UI Designer

Working as a UX/UI designer at Blocksi is a daily exploration of blending creativity with functionality, transforming concepts into immersive experiences. I came to this company full of ideas and right away knew I’d come to the right place. At Blocksi, ideas are not just welcomed but celebrated.


Jonathan Powell

Regional Account Executive

I love helping educators create more teachable moments, and shielding students from the dark web is a passion and career goal of mine. At Blocksi, I can fulfill that mission because I contribute to digital citizenship and long-term success for our children and future leaders.


Sara Vocovnik

Content Writer and Social Media Manager

Joining Blocksi is a dream for someone passionate about words and storytelling. What better area for storytelling than the one fostering the curious young minds? Every piece we write and publish reflects the collective brilliance and effort of the whole team.


Tanja Germ

Event and Brand Awareness Manager

I am excited about making a tangible impact at Blocksi. The challenges are real, but so is the satisfaction of overcoming them. In a team that values hard work and innovation, every hurdle becomes an opportunity for growth. I am proud to contribute to our collective successes at Blocksi.


Brian Trusco

Account Executive

Bringing technology into the classroom should enhance, not complicate. Working at Blocksi is especially fulfilling because I talk to educators daily. Knowing our solutions ease their classroom management while enriching students’ learning is what lets me know we are on the right path.


Catherine Tate

Sales Engineer

With a background in B2B Software sales, I’m passionate about empowering customers to seamlessly integrate technology into real-world learning. Blocksi’s innovative solutions perfectly align with my commitment to delivering impactful educational tools.


John Fabian

Front End Developer

Being a part of the user-centric design world with Blocksi is inspiring. My favorite part is how the spirit within our development team ensures that every line of code contributes to a user-friendly interface and creates a visually engaging user experience.


Milena Jandric

Product Designer

At Blocksi, collaboration is our design secret. Working seamlessly in teams, It’s the collective synergy that transforms ideas into a visually immersive user experience. Design isn’t just about pixels; it’s about the collaboration of creating an unforgettable journey for our clients.

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