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Internet Content Filtering FAQs


What is your capacity to handle high levels of traffic or user activity?
Blocksi operates as a proxy-based solution, handling high-volume traffic without encountering issues. Its capabilities are highly scalable, with full SSL decryption and rapid deployment.


Do I need to install a piece of hardware to use the Blocksi solution?
Blocksi solutions are cloud-based and do not require additional hardware installation; instead, they need a quick and simple extension installation. In addition, Blocksi offers agents for each operational system: ChromeOS, MacOS, iOS, Windows OS, and Android.


Can you track school devices?
Yes. Blocksi’s content filtering is geolocalized, allowing schools to always track student devices by their IP address or location.


Which devices does Blocksi filter?
Blocksi is compatible with various devices such as Chromebooks, WindowsOS, iPad, MacOS, and Android, making it versatile for school use. It can filter devices designated as school devices based on custom policies and allows schools to apply filtering policies to student- and staff-owned devices. That covers everything from laptops and tablets to mobile phones.


Does the Admin Dashboard manage only devices owned by the school?
Yes. The Admin Dashboard oversees school-provided devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios. In instances where schools adopt BYOD, devices must be managed by the school and adhere to state regulations. The school is accountable for ensuring compliance with these regulations through a structured process.

Moreover, Blocksi provides DNS filtering policies that are applicable to all devices, whether they belong to students or guests, upon entering the school premises. These policies, which function based on IP addresses, control access to various websites, enhancing security and management throughout the entire school network.


Is Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere a proxy-based solution?
No. BMEE does not use a proxy for URL categorization. The Blocksi extension sends categorization requests to the Blocksi Cloud service, and traffic does not traverse any Blocksi-maintained proxy server.


Does the filter work outside the school district? 
Yes. Our cloud content filtering can be used outside of school districts. Blocksi allows Admins to set up filtering policies on school devices to control access to certain websites or online content during and after school hours.


How many categories does the filtering support?
With Blocksi’s school filtering, you can choose from over 85 categories to filter content on websites. All categories are divided by type, from malicious websites to social media.


Do I have insights into what students are looking or searching for?
Yes. You always have an insight into what your students are doing with the Insights feature. You can check for Web and YouTube analytics, class and parent vitals, logs, IP addresses, most visited websites, and more.


Is Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere a DNS Proxy or DNS forwarding solution?
No. Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere can be used with any Chrome client, whether on a Chromebook or a desktop (Windows and MacOS) and sits directly in the browser, filtering at the browser level rather than at the network level.


Can I address Student Safety issues from my Admin Dashboard?
Yes! The Admin Dashboard provides a robust platform for efficiently managing and resolving Student Safety issues. You can directly address a variety of safety concerns through the Dashboard by reviewing “Areas of Concerns”. This section offers comprehensive insights into detected alerts, with context and accompanying screenshots. Furthermore, the Dashboard lets you set up alert schedules, ensuring timely notifications if students are in potentially harmful situations. This proactive approach contributes to preventing incidents within the school environment.


Can I manage Parent and Delegate accounts from the Admin Dashboard?
Yes, the Admin Dashboard allows you to not only grant access to the Parents and Delegates to their respective dashboards, but also enable specific features on the Parent and Delegate Dashboards, such as specific filtering policies, as well as Blocksi content analysis for cyberbullying and for other inappropriate online behavior.


Can I manage Teachers’ accounts from the Admin Dashboard?
Yes. The Admin Dashboard allows you to grant teachers access to their accounts and enable specific features, such as specific filtering policies for teacher’s classes, videoconferencing, attendance, and much more.


Can I monitor classes from my Admin Dashboard?
Yes. The Admin Dashboard provides both access and monitoring of active classes and teachers. You can choose between a teacher or a class and gain insight into the particular style you intend to observe.


Classroom Management System FAQs Image
Classroom Management System FAQs


Can I see all the screens simultaneously while students are browsing?
Yes. The Teacher dashboard shows you a collection of thumbnails of every student’s screen in your classroom, near real-time.


Can I use additional platforms and apps to help me carry out student assignments?
Yes. You can always create studying environments (URL-based locked kiosks) with an assessment tool supporting over 25 LMS platforms, such as Canvas, Word, Edpuzzle, and more. With this tool, you can create various presets and use them again in your future classes.


How can I be assured students are submitting their work?
The Teacher Dashboard comes with the practical Plagiarism Detection Bundle. With it, you can check students’ texts for AI-generated content and plagiarism. With this feature, you can ensure students’ academic integrity.


Can I track which websites the students are visiting during the class?
Yes. Through student screen monitoring, you can track the websites students visit during classes. You can see the websites an individual student has opened in real-time and oversee the history of the websites they visited during the current class.


Can I automatically create tests and share them with students?
The Teacher Dashboard provides a tool that uses AI to help teachers generate formative quizzes. Teachers can customize the quizzes by selecting the topic, subject, language, and the number of questions they want. After the assessment, they can analyze the results, access past records, and gain valuable statistical insights, allowing them to make comparisons to evaluate overall student development.


Can I enforce content on students’ laptops?
Yes. There is an option for sharing or enforcing one or more websites on your students’ devices. You can even set a time limit for how long you want your students to stay on a particular website.


Does the Teacher Dashboard filter the internet automatically?
Yes. The Teacher Dashboard filters the internet based on policies set by the Admin. But being highly customizable, you can make exceptions to the existing policies. And if your current class work calls for it, you can apply your own policies.


Can I have a video call with the students?
Yes. With videoconferencing, you can have a video call with one or more students simultaneously, but you can only access the camera with the student’s knowledge.


Can I block content for students by myself?
Yes. You can permanently block specific web categories from pre-made policies created by the Admin. Additionally, you can create block and allow lists to block and allow particular websites for students.


Can I import my data to the Teacher Dashboard from other platforms?
Of course, the Teacher Dashboard allows you to import your classes from different platforms, such as Google Classroom, Canvas, and more.

Student and School Safety FAQs Image
Student and School Safety FAQs


What does Student Safety scan?
The Student Safety solution scans Google Workspace and Outlook, including emails, images, documents, and more.


What triggers student safety alerts?
Once the AI detects worrying content, an expert human reviewer receives it and evaluates its seriousness. If it is recognized as a threat, the reviewer sends the alert and notifies the school.


Does Student Safety work all the time?
Yes. Student Safety is a solution that is working 24/7/365 days a year. It combines constant AI and human review cross-checking for harmful data.


Who is reviewing the content?
Student Safety works through a combination of AI and expert human review. After AI detects harmful content, the human reviewer goes through the same content again to ensure it gets scanned correctly.


Can AI detect false positives?
The content that gets scanned does not have false positives. That means AI has already flagged all the data human reviewers receive as worrying content.




What does it mean to have context-aware alerts?
It means that both the AI and the human reviewer reviewed what had happened before and after the alarming content was detected.


How fast are the emails reviewed?
All the content gets scanned instantly by AI. Additionally, it gets cross-checked by a human reviewer.


Who is alerted if something is happening?
The Admin can configure alerts and appoint other people to be alerted if something is happening. The Admin can set up the alert configuration — time, number, and email.


Are parents alerted of harmful content?
Yes. Parents can also receive alerts if something is happening that may require their attention or intervention.


Can Student Safety prevent harmful behavior?
Student Safety cannot prevent students from engaging in harmful activities, but it can detect harmful content and allow schools or parents to act ahead of time.


Does Student Safety scan content by category?
Student Safety and our human reviewers team identify various types of harmful content, including self-harm, cyberbullying, threats, violence, adult material, and child pornography.



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