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Kendall Freeman

Blocksi Building Blocks: Building a Safe Haven to Support and Protect Your Students Image
Blocksi Building Blocks: Building a Safe Haven to Support and Protect Your Students

Help students focus on academic goals by eliminating distractions and mitigating cyberbullying, preventing suicide, and detecting early signs of threats. Blocksi provides granular dynamic Web & YouTube Filters, robust data-driven AI, and a team of experts who assess each issue 24/7/365. Blocksi’s prevention methods make a difference in providing students with a safe, secure environment while allowing them the appropriate freedom to develop as digital citizens. Our Web and YouTube category filtering allows teachers to enforce focus-driven classes so that only meaningful and relevant Internet content is available to students. Build your Safe-haven with Blocksi and protect your students.



Tuesday, may 9th, 2023

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Cloud-Based vs. Appliance-Based Content Filtering Image
Cloud-Based vs. Appliance-Based Content Filtering

Here are 10 reasons why schools are switching to Blocksi Cloud-Based Content Filtering:


1. Highly scalable: it keeps up with the bandwidth demand over and over

2. Granularity: block or allow specific pages or YouTube video categories

3. Multi-OS: works for Windows on any browser, Chromebook, MacOS & iPad

4. Transparency: get a granular and complete view of the school web traffic, regardless of encryption

5. Delegate filtering actions to Principals, Parents, and Teachers

6. View all executed search terms

7. Student Safety: content monitoring 24/7/365

8. Rapid Deployment: you have thousands of devices ready to go in less than 30 minutes

9. Always up to date with the latest AI and URL database improvement

10. Responsive and SLA-oriented expert support



Tuesday, may 23th, 2023

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