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The Delegate Dashboard brings to school executives what matters most to them;
granular per student insights without the Administrator Dashboard complexities.

This dashboard allows principals and superintendents to view the whole school’s internet activity with ease. See which URLs were most frequently visited, which students were most active and what content has been denied to them. Get detailed insights by exporting a PDF web report about each class in a period of time.

District-wide Data Analytics for Principals and Superintendents

Trends- detect behavior related to profanity, cyberbullying or self harm within GSuite apps

Keep track of where the Chromebooks are located at any given time.

  • View online activity per student or per class
  • Trend Analysis and Insightful Analytics
  • Smart alets about inappropriate behavior
  • Data-driven classroom tracking
  • Blocksi Rating across billions of web pages
  • Collect meaningful data with ease

    The school administrator creates specific blocking policies that activate and track student’s online whereabouts depending on whether their Chromebook is located on school grounds or at home. While the students are browsing, Blocksi is keeping track of their accessed & blocked pages and browsing patterns- which category of websites they most frequently visit, which keywords they’re searching for and it also detects cyberbullying, self-harm and other dangerous activities within Youtube, GDrive, GDocs and Gmail apps.

    All of this data is then displayed on your Delegate dashboard to help you drive success throughout the student community.

    The Delegate dashboard is already a part of Blocksi Manager: Education everywhere tool, along with the Admin and Parent dashboard.

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