Blocksi Confirmed for the Lenovo Trusted Supplier Program

Palo Alto, California, January 11, 2021  – Lenovo has announced that Blocksi, Inc. has been confirmed to participate in the Lenovo Trusted Supplier Program.

Lenovo created their Trusted Supplier Program to ensure that every supplier meets high security standards set by Lenovo’s customers.

Application to the extensive process starts with questioning nearly every aspect of a business – from access control to human resources to security policies and practices for IT systems, software testing, and shipping practices, to name a few.  In addition, each supplier must show they have a formal process and established team to address new security incidents that arise. Once qualified, suppliers are subject to re-evaluation on a regular basis, requiring an ongoing effort to keep up to date with industry best practices and processes around security.

Blocksi provides content filtering software for K-12 education needs, encompassing granular filtering for websites, advanced YouTube filtering, games, and social media, on Chromebook and Windows OS devices, including those manufactured by Lenovo.

“Blocksi is dedicated to the security of our services, which is why we are honored to have been confirmed to the Lenovo Trusted Supplier program,” said Fuad Bahou, Blocksi CEO.  “Blocksi’s Content Filtering software allows schools to carefully structure internet content filtering for devices owned and managed by the school. This includes allowing or blocking specific websites, messaging and gaming sites, for example, as well as content filtering capabilities across 20 categories on YouTube.”

Blocksi provides full Classroom Management capabilities for teachers to use both in the classroom and during remote learning, Principal and Admin Dashboards for access to extensive additional tools and reporting, as well as a Parent Dashboard to empower the parents to have even more control of content filtering and device access during out-of-school hours, if they choose.