Blocksi Inc. Service level agreement


This service level agreement (SLA) describes the levels of service that [Customer] (‘the client’) will receive from Blocksi, Inc.


The client depends on a Blocksi cloud based content filtering for its network equipment running Windows, ChromeOS, Mac OSX, IPad IOS, and BYOD devices that is provided, maintained and supported by Blocksi Inc. This service is of critical importance to the business.
This service level agreement sets out what levels of availability and support the client is guaranteed to receive for that specific cloud content filtering service. It also explains what penalties will be applied to Blocksi Inc should it fail to meet these levels.
This SLA forms an important part of the contract between the client and Blocksi Inc. It aims to enable the two parties to work together effectively.



This SLA is between:

The client:Blocksi, Inc:
[company address]
[address line 2]
[address line 3]
Key contact: [name]
[telephone / email]
[Blocksi, Inc ]
228 Hamilton avenue FL3
Palo Alto
CA, 94301
Key contact: Fuad BAHOU
650-521-9976 /

Dates and reviews

This agreement begins on [date] and will run for a period of subscription to the Blocksi Cloud Content Filtering service (Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere and Blocksi DNS) It may be reviewed at any point, by mutual agreement. It may also be reviewed if there are any changes to the client’s IT system.

Services covered

This SLA covers only the services in the table below. This list may be updated at any time, with agreement from both the client and Blocksi, Inc.
Please note:

  • Blocksi, Inc guarantees response times for all items listed in this section.
  • Blocksi, Inc guarantees uptime only for items with a “YES” in the Covered for uptime? column.
  • These items have been assigned a priority level, from 1 (most important) to 3 (least important). The priority levels help determine the guaranteed uptime and response time.

    Item typeNumber of itemsPriorityCovered for uptime?
    Cloud based content filtering 11YES
    Access to Blocksi Admin Dashboard, Delegate Dashboard, Parent Dashboard while Cloud based Content Filtering is still performing as per requirement 12YES


    This SLA is written in a spirit of partnership. Blocksi Inc will always do everything possible to rectify every issue in a timely manner.
    However, there are a few exclusions. This SLA does not apply to:

  • Any equipment, software, services or other parts of the IT system not listed above
  • Software, equipment or services not purchased via and managed by Blocksi, Inc
  • Additionally, this SLA does not apply when:

  • The problem has been caused by using equipment, software or service(s) in a way that is not recommended.
  • The client has made unauthorised changes to the configuration or set up of affected equipment, software or services.
  • The client has prevented Blocksi, Inc from performing required maintenance and update tasks.
  • The issue has been caused by unsupported equipment, software or other services.
  • This SLA does not apply in circumstances that could be reasonably said to be beyond Blocksi Inc ’s control. For instance: floods, war, acts of god and so on.
    This SLA also does not apply if the client is in breach of its contract with Blocksi Inc for any reason (e.g. late payment of fees).
    Having said all that, Blocksi Inc aims to be helpful and accommodating at all times, and will do its absolute best to assist the client wherever possible.


    Blocksi, Inc responsibilities

    Blocksi, Inc will provide and maintain the SaaS Content Filtering used by the client.

    Additionally, Blocksi, Inc will:

  • Ensure relevant software, services and equipment are available to the client in line with the uptime levels listed below.
  • Respond to support requests within the timescales listed below.
  • Take steps to escalate and resolve issues in an appropriate, timely manner.
  • Maintain good communication with the client at all times.
  • Client responsibilities

    The client will use Blocksi Inc -provided Content Filtering service as intended.
    The IT support contract between Blocksi, Inc and the client includes full details of the IT system and its intended uses.

    Additionally, the client will:

  • Notify the client of issues or problems in a timely manner.
  • Provide Blocksi, Inc with access to equipment, software and services for the purposes of maintenance, updates and fault prevention.
  • Maintain good communication with Blocksi, Inc at all times.
  • Guaranteed uptime

    Uptime levels

    In order to enable the client to do business effectively, Blocksi, Inc guarantees that certain items will be available for a certain percentage of time.
    These uptime levels apply to items in the Equipment, software and services covered table that show a tick in the Covered for uptime? column.

    The level of guaranteed uptime depends on the priority level of each item:

    Priority level Guaranteed uptime

    Measurement and penalties

    Uptime is measured the using Blocksi, Inc’s automated systems, over each calendar month. It is calculated to the nearest minute, based on the number of minutes in the given month (for instance, a 31-day month contains 44,640 minutes).
    If uptime for any item drops below the relevant threshold, a penalty will be applied in the form of a credit for the client.
    This means the following yearly subscription payable by the client will be reduced on a sliding scale.
    The level of penalty will be calculated depending on the number of hours for which the service was unavailable, minus the downtime permitted by the SLA:

    Priority levelPenalty per hour (Pro-rated to nearest minute)
    11% of total yearly subscription fee
    20.5% of total yearly subscription fee
    30.2% of total yearly subscription fee

    Important notes:

  • Uptime penalties in any month are capped at 20% of the total yearly fee
  • Uptime measurements exclude periods of routine maintenance. These must be agreed between Blocksi, Inc and client in advance.
  • Guaranteed response times

    When the client raises a support issue with Blocksi, Inc, Blocksi promises to respond in a timely fashion.

    Response times

    The response time measures how long it takes Blocksi, Inc to respond to a support request raised via Blocksi, Inc’s support system (Web Form, Chat, Toll Free, Email)
    Blocksi, Inc is deemed to have responded when it has replied to the client’s initial request. This may be in the form of an email or telephone call, to either provide a solution or request further information.
    Guaranteed response times depend on the priority of the item(s) affected and the severity of the issue. They are shown in this table:

    Issue severity (see Severity levels section, below):
    Item priority:
    15 minutes
    15 minutes
    30 minutes
    60 minutes

    30 minutes
    30 minutes
    45 minutes
    60 minutes

    60 minutes
    60 minutes
    75 minutes
    90 minutes

    Response times are measured from the moment the client submits a support request via Blocksi, Inc’s online support system (4 channels: Web Form, Chat, Toll free, Email).

    Response times apply during standard working hours (6am — 5.30pm) only, unless the contract between the client and Blocksi, Inc specifically includes provisions for out of hours support.

    Severity levels

    The severity levels shown in the tables above are defined as follows:

  • Urgent: Complete degradation — all users and critical functions affected. Item or service completely unavailable.
  • High: Significant degradation — large number of users or critical functions affected.
  • Normal: Limited degradation — limited number of users or functions affected. Business processes can continue.
  • Low: Small degradation — few users or one user affected. Business processes can continue.
  • Measurement and penalties

    Response times are measured using Blocksi, Inc’s support ticketing system, which tracks all issues from initial reporting to resolution.
    It is vital the client raises every issue via this system. If an issue is not raised in this way, the guaranteed response time does not apply to that issue.
    If Blocksi, Inc fails to meet a guaranteed response, a penalty will be applied in the form of a credit for the client.
    This means the yearly subscription fee payable by the client will be reduced on a sliding scale.
    The level of penalty will be calculated depending on the number of hours by which Blocksi, Inc missed the response time, minus the downtime permitted by the SLA:

    Priority levelPenalty per hour (Pro-rated to nearest minute)
    15% of total monthly fee
    22% of total monthly fee
    31% of total monthly fee

    Important notes:

  • Response time penalties in any month are capped at 50% of the total monthly fee.
  • Response times are measured during working hours (6:00 am — 8:00 pm EST).
  • For instance, if an issue is reported at 7.30pm with a response time of 60 minutes, Blocksi, Inc has until 6.30am the following day to respond.

    Resolution times

    Blocksi, Inc will always endeavour to resolve problems as swiftly as possible. It recognises that the client’s computer systems are key to its business and that any downtime can cost money.
    However, Blocksi, Inc is unable to provide guaranteed resolution times. This is because the nature and causes of problems can vary enormously.
    For instance, it may be possible to resolve a fatal server issue in minutes, simply by restarting the server. But if a server fails due to disk error or a hardware fault (also classed as a fatal issue) it may take much longer to get back up and running.
    In all cases, Blocksi, Inc will make its best efforts to resolve problems as quickly as possible. It will also provide frequent progress reports to the client.

    Right of termination

    Blocksi, Inc recognises that it provides services that are critical to the client’s business.
    If Blocksi, Inc consistently fails to meet the service levels described in this document, the client may terminate its entire contract with Blocksi, Inc, with no penalty.
    This right is available to the client if Blocksi, Inc fails to meet these service levels more than ten times in any single calendar month.

    99.99% Cloud content filtering service is assured by several component

  • SLA Service Contract between Blocksi, Inc and Google Cloud (Google LLC) to make sure that Cloud infranstructre used by Blocksi meets 99.99%
  • Cloud resilient and highly available architecture based latest software virtual container running on virtual instances hosted in Google cloud and orchestrated by Kubernetes process. Service is auto-scaling, self healing and multiple times highly redundant (if a process dies or crash, another one is taking over )
  • Active monitoring of every software component of the solution with alerts sent to cloud engineering team 24x7x365 when certain thresholds have been reached.
  • Some screenshot below of our internal monitoring services of different software component of our Cloud based content filtering service


    This service level agreement is agreed as part of the support contract between [Customer] and Blocksi, Inc:

    Signed on behalf of the client:

    Signed on behalf of Blocksi, Inc: