Unveiling an iPhone app for Parents & Guardians

Unveiling an iPhone app for Parents & Guardians

Schools using Blocksi manager can now offer a free iPhone app to their parents and guardians. The Parent portal app allows parents to know more about how their child uses the school-managed Chromebook and school Google account. It’s a parent dashboard in your hand!

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Control how much screen time your kids are getting on the Chromebook when they’re out of school. View detailed analytics about your children’s browsing habits and receive alerts, when signs of cyberbullying, drugs and violence appear inside your child’s Gmail, GDrive, Youtube or GDocs.

A school’s IT administrator that already uses Blocksi filtering (Education everywhere) can give filtering permissions to parents, so their students’ Chromebooks are protected even when they are browsing off the school grounds. Parents are able to control access time and enforce time restrictions on addictive sites and content irrelevant to homework. The black and white list to customize which sites are allowed/blocked and web history and analytics to analyze browsing trends.

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