Teacher Dashboard: Language Customization Beyond Admin Control

Teacher Dashboard: Language Customization Beyond Admin Control

We’re thrilled to announce recent enhancements to our Classroom Screen Monitoring solution, specifically focusing on the Teacher Dashboard language settings. In response to valuable feedback from teachers like you, we’ve made significant improvements.

Whether you’re bilingual or simply looking to switch up your dashboard language, the power is now in your hands! Teachers can now personalize their Dashboard language according to their wishes. Previously, teachers could not independently change the language settings, relying on Sys Admins for this task. However, with our latest update, we’ve decoupled this dependency, allowing teachers to choose their preferred language for the dashboard, completely separate from the Admin’s settings.

Admins can decide if Teachers can choose their language or inherit it from the Admin Dashboard using the new ‘Inherit Dashboard Language’ option in Admin settings. 

The Teacher Dashboard now includes a language change option, enhancing independence and personalizing the user experience. Teachers can choose from English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

Take a moment to explore these enhanced language settings in your Teacher Dashboard today, and embark on a truly personalized teaching experience.