Students Can Now Use Microsoft Outlook With Confidence

Students can now use Microsoft Outlook with confidence

Blocksi is excited to announce the latest enhancement to Student Safety. We have expanded the scanning capabilities to include Outlook emails, enabling the detection of harmful and suspicious content. This added feature strengthens protection and prevents any harmful activities within Outlook emails. 

In today’s social-networked society, our students face increasing risks of cyberbullying, violence, threats, and frequent exposure to inappropriate content like pornography and substance-related material. To counter these dangers, Blocksi’s Student Safety employs a comprehensive system to ensure the safety of students by scanning their student and school-managed devices. 

By scanning emails in real time, we can identify potential threats like cyberbullying, self-harm, and violent content containing harmful data. Moreover, our AI-powered scanning guarantees accurate results without generating false positives. Simultaneously, our expert human-review team is on the watch 24/7/365 along with our smart program, monitoring and providing smart alerts when necessary. 

Blocksi provides a strong and trustworthy defense against the risks of modern technology and adds expert human supervision to ensure comprehensive safety. This combination creates a safety net that enables schools and parents to establish a secure and caring online environment for students, promoting their academic development and overall well-being.