‘Raise Hand’ and ‘Quick Chat’ Settings for Enhanced Classroom Control

'Raise Hand' and 'Quick Chat' Settings for Enhanced Classroom Control

Attention all Blocksi Teachers, we have some thrilling news for you! We are delighted to introduce the latest feature on the Teacher dashboard, which empowers you with even greater control over your classroom environment. With this new update, you can now effortlessly toggle the “Raise Hand” and “Quick Chat” options for your students.

How does it work? 

It’s incredibly simple! These settings have been placed in a convenient modal window, “Student Options,” allowing you to make these changes effortlessly. You can enable or disable the “Raise Hand” and “Quick Chat” functionalities according to your classroom needs. Once you’ve made the desired adjustments, all you need to do is click the “Confirm” button to save your preferences.

'Raise Hand' and 'Quick Chat' Settings for Enhanced Classroom Control

This seamless process will help you manage classroom interactions more efficiently. Even if you can’t see your students directly, they can still raise a hand to notify you when they have something to share with you or the class. Moreover, they can easily start a conversation without having to wait for you to initiate it.

Now, you have the power to tailor the classroom screen monitoring to fit your teaching style and requirements, ensuring a focused and productive learning environment.

We at Blocksi understand the importance of providing educators with the tools to create the best learning experience. So, embrace the enhanced teacher control, and let Blocksi make your teaching journey smoother and more effective.