Maximize Classroom Engagement with Off-Task View: Stay Notified, Stay in Control

Maximize Classroom Engagement with Off-Task View: Stay Notified, Stay in Control

Blocksi’s Classroom Management system introduces another powerful tool: the Off-task view feature. This innovative feature is designed to enhance classroom engagement by providing teachers with valuable insights into their students’ levels of involvement during class. By leveraging real-time monitoring, the Off-task view allows teachers to stay in control and promptly detect when a student becomes distracted, enabling them to take immediate action.

Whenever a student deviates from the designated path multiple times within a set period or throughout a class session, a bell icon triggers an alert for the teacher. The Off-task view feature extensively examines students’ online browsing activities within a specified timeframe. This examination encompasses identifying the pages that students frequently visit during that specific period, effectively emphasizing the websites where students invest the most time. By effortlessly monitoring the pages students access, teachers can better comprehend their students’ online conduct and pinpoint potential areas where students might be losing concentration.

By receiving these alerts, teachers can promptly intervene, redirect students’ attention, and re-engage them in learning. This proactive approach allows teachers to maintain a productive and focused classroom environment.


To check this, all the teacher has to do is:

  • Start the class 
  • Enter insights
  • Look at the analytics
  • Switch between different time intervals (if needed)