Heading to beautiful Ohio for OETC: Tomorrow, Feb 11 – 13- booth #1114!

How to monitor and manage what your students are doing online during class? Blocksi Manager has you covered! Granular district-wide Filtering, powerful Classroom management system, and precautious Student safety features: All-in-one!

Get a hands-on demo TOMORROW- Feb 11-13 at OETC in Columbus, Ohio, booth #1114! 

Would you like to be alerted of any malicious or harmful messages that are being sent between students? Let us present to you our Blocksi Trends feature: it comes for free with the BMEE solution and detects suspicious behavior like hate speech and self-harm within Gmail, GDrive, GDocs, and Youtube apps.

For anyone who still needs convincing, come visit us at #booth 1114, so we can demonstrate our products and answer any questions you might have. 🙂

OETC20 Conference Theme

From current trends to emerging technologies, BYOD and blended learning to artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the Ohio Educational Technology Conference has spent the last 22 years informing Ohio’s educators of the ever-changing world of educational technology. But with so many options, apps and open resources, and diversity in learning models, technology in education has become an increasingly complex learning tool. OETC is taking some time to focus on educators fully understanding educational technology. From policy and planning to implementation and integration, #OETC20 seeks to provide a comprehensive and in-depth look at each step of the process by bringing educational technology In Focus.