Google Case Study: For Modern Teachers’ Powerful Learning Tools

Google Case Study, Empowering Modern Educators With Powerful Learning Tools

Ever wondered how Google Cloud helps with student wellbeing and content filtering for K12? Googles latest case study reveals a positive impact on students using Chromebooks – even at home!

We partnered with Google for Education to create a powerful tool for content filtering and digital classroom management. With the help of Google Cloud, Blocksi is able to incorporate advanced ML/AI technologies to help schools combat cyberbullying and improve visibility into student performance and needs.

“Before Blocksi, schools couldn’t filter content and enforce security policies on their Chromebooks when the devices were off campus,” says Fuad Bahou, Chief Executive Officer at Blocksi. “We provide cloud-based [content] filtering that allows schools to control their devices anywhere students are, and we built out our educational offerings from there.”

“To expand its reach in education and power its business, Blocksi chose to build its environment on Google Cloud and partner with Google for Education.”

“Blocksi was well received by schools, thanks to the need to have a content filtering solution that can flexibly govern how students can and cannot use their Chromebooks. Blocksi solutions can be used to block games and websites that do not fit into a school’s curriculum. And more recently, Blocksi further expanded capabilities to provide even more controls to both Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education to give educators more awareness of the most pressing digital learning challenges facing students.”

However, at Blocksi we wanted to ensure student safety concerning online activities even when off-campus. For that reason, we extended the reach of cloud-based filtering to anywhere students are. At the same time, we were able to empower the parents which was a big step in providing a safe online space for the students.

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