Class Scheduler for Teacher Dashboard

Class Scheduler for Teacher Dashboard

We are pleased to announce that Blocksi is developing a new Class scheduler feature update for the Teacher Dashboard, a Classroom Screen Monitoring solution component. This update aims to simplify the lives of teachers by enhancing their ability to organize and manage their class timetables. It allows teachers to create templates for a typical school week, resulting in a more streamlined organization process and easier class scheduling.

The Class scheduler on the teacher dashboard allows teachers to create templates, each representing a school week. On each template, the teacher can add the class and its starting time for each day of that week. What’s more, teachers can create a custom weekly schedule according to their timetables. The scheduler also has a Pause Schedule button that enables teachers to skip a current day or week and prevent students from being pulled into a scheduled class if they don’t have one that day. Template changes will not be visible in the same week because the scheduler updates weekly.

The scheduler interface includes the following:

  • Columns for the weekly scheduler, week A, week B, and custom week
  • A calendar for selecting the date.
  • An input field for specifying the time.
  • An option to set a recurring schedule 
Class Scheduler for Teacher Dashboard

Different scheduling templates 

Teachers can choose from default templates, each representing one school week, and when set up, it should be assigned to a yearly scheduler. On each template, teachers can add a class and its starting time for each day of that week.

A custom template is meant to give the teacher more freedom, as they can set up custom weeks with this template. Teachers have to choose a week number and select the preferred classes. Classes should appear only if they are in the range of the selected week.

The Class Scheduler is also designed to be flexible. Teachers can make changes to their schedules as needed, and the updates will take effect on the following week. This means that if a teacher needs to adjust their schedule mid-week, they can do so without disrupting their current schedule.