Attending TETC in Murfreesboro, TN? So are we!


We will be setting up our Blocksi booth numbered #58 in Tennessee this week, and we’re welcoming any teacher, technology director, principal or supervisor to join us and discover the beneficial effects of Classroom management and monitoring for Chromebooks during class, across the school district or within the student’s home.

Blocksi works both on- and off-campus, meaning that when the school-issued Chromebooks are brought home, the students’ parents can easily see the activity of their childs’s Chromebook through their Blocksi Parent dashboard.

In school- the administrators, principals and teachers take on the role of overseeing what goes on inside the students’ Chromebooks. On the Admin dashboard IT directors create filtering policies that limit free browsing inside the whole school, teachers monitor and push content to every student’s tab with their Teacher dashboard, and principals view either per-class, per-school or per-district statistics about student activity and track performance inside their Delegate dashboard. 

Blocksi manager: Education everywhere offers also a Self-harm and Cyberbullying detection tool called Trends. This one scans and locates harmful behaviour related to nudity, drugs, profanity, crime and more inside Google apps (Gmail, Docs, Drive and Youtube).

So visit us at booth #58 this week and find out more about the All-in-one Chromebook solution for your 21st century digital citizens- the students.