AI-Powered Image Filter for Real-Time Image Blurring

AI-Powered Image Filter for Real-Time Image Blurring

We are pleased to announce our latest addition to our Content Filtering solution: the Image Filter feature. Designed to provide a safe and secure online environment for students, this advanced feature harnesses the power of computer vision and a trained AI model to detect and blur adult images in real time. Available on any Chrome browser, this feature is designed to identify and blur adult images in real-time, ensuring students are not exposed to inappropriate visual content. We are confident this Image Filter feature will be a game-changer for Sys Admins, offering unmatched control over students’ online activities.

Here’s a closer look at the technical prowess and benefits of the Image Filter feature:

  • Advanced Nudity Screen Scanning Technology: Our Image Filter feature employs state-of-the-art nudity screen scanning technology. It achieves unparalleled accuracy in detecting explicit visual content by leveraging computer vision algorithms and a punctilious trained AI model. 
  • Real-Time Image Blurring: The Image Filter operates in real-time, allowing administrators to modify their decision by simply toggling the button on or off. As images are detected, they are instantly blurred, preventing students from viewing or accessing inappropriate visuals.
  • Extended its scanning capabilities on Emails: Understanding that communication extends beyond web pages, the Image Filter feature extends its scanning capabilities to email attachments. Whether it’s screenshots of web pages or other image files, our system diligently analyzes and blurs any explicit content within emails. 
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Blocksi’s Image Filter is not limited to existing patterns of explicit content. Our AI model continuously learns and adapts to evolving content, allowing it to stay ahead of emerging types of adult images. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the Image Filter remains effective over time, providing administrators with peace of mind and enabling a proactive stance against inappropriate content.
  • Enhanced Admin Dashboard: We understand the importance of efficient content management for Sys Admins. With the Image Filter feature, administrators can now easily blur images directly from the Blocksi Admin Dashboard. This streamlined process empowers administrators to swiftly take action with just one click, saving time and effort for both them and teachers. 

With the introduction of the Image Filter feature, Blocksi reinforces its commitment to delivering granular and detailed Content Filtering solutions that prioritize student safety and well-being. By leveraging advanced computer vision and AI technologies, administrators can now provide an enhanced online environment that minimizes the risk of exposure to explicit and adult content.

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