A new webinar series for K12 professionals!

LEAN ON BLOCKSI Webinar series with Kendall Howell

Tune in every other week for a webinar about successful Classroom screen monitoring, device management, student well-being and more!

The online learning experience can be pretty challenging for everyone involved. To help you integrate into cyberspace, we created a special series of webinars hosted by Kendall Howell, where we will discuss classroom screen monitoring, device management, student well-being, and a lot more. Join us on this ride starting March 1st. 

Topics that we will cover over 7 webinars include:

  • Blocksi student safety alerts
  • Cloud-based content filtering 
  • Secure lockdown browser and Classroom Screen Monitoring
  • Student behavior trends and analytics
  • School devices at home
  • How to get principals involved 
  • Advantages of getting your content filtered

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