A New Level of Safety: Blocksi Safeguards Students on YouTube

A New Level of Safety: Blocksi Safeguards Students on YouTube

At Blocksi, we understand the paramount importance of protecting students from harmful data and toxic online behavior. By leveraging our advanced technology within the Student Safety solution, we have expanded our capabilities to scan YouTube searches, ensuring an attentive monitoring system that actively safeguards against cyberbullying, self-harm, and threats.

Our Student Safety solution has upgraded its algorithms to quickly detect and highlight potential signs of cyberbullying, self-harm, adult language, violence, or threats. Previously, the system scanned the entire Google workspace, such as Google emails, documents, and drive. Now, we have expanded its scanning capabilities to include YouTube search queries. This major improvement allows us to actively monitor and analyze YouTube searches, thereby promoting a safer online space for students. By extending our reach to YouTube, we are taking a proactive approach to combat cyberbullying, self-harm, and threats.

With this new option, schools can mitigate the negative impacts of such content, fostering a healthier and safer online experience for students.

alt=“A New Level of Safety: Blocksi Safeguards Students on YouTube” title=“A New Level of Safety: Blocksi Safeguards Students on YouTube”

In addition to YouTube search query scanning, Blocksi’s Student Safety includes:

  • AI-powered scanning of student online-generated content from school devices or accounts available 24/7/365.
  • AI detection of self-harm, threats, bullying, or inappropriate content stored on school devices.
  • Expert human review of AI-flagged issues to present only accurate positives to the School Districts Admin.
  • Context-aware alerts including browsing history and screenshots before, during, and after a warning to emphasize high-risk situations.

We understand the importance of establishing a safe environment for students. That is why we continuously modify and enhance our solutions to prevent potential risks while providing valuable advice and strategies for ensuring safety in both the physical and digital space.

Join us in our mission to foster student safety by leveraging Blocksi’s Student Safety solutions, now with enhanced YouTube search query scanning. Together, let’s create a safer digital world for our students!