5 Reasons You Need To Monitor Students’ Computers in the Classroom

5 Reasons You Need To Monitor Students’ Computers in the Classroom

Today’s technology is omnipresent and an integral part of our daily lives. For both students and teachers, computers, smartphones, and tablets are something they use every day. So, it makes sense that technology is also employed in the classroom to give students of all ages relevant learning opportunities.

The use of technology to improve student learning is referred to as educational technology (EdTech) and involves everything technical that improves the students’ learning, all in a way most compatible with their individual needs. And here is where classroom management systems come in very handy. They not only allow using various technological tools and materials, but they also enable the teachers to stay on top of students’ online activities. Here are five reasons why teachers need to monitor students’ computers in the classroom.

#1: Protecting Students From Inappropriate Internet Content

First and foremost, software that allows screen monitoring supports content filtering, set by the school and teachers, and constant insight into students’ online activities. With it, students are kept safe from dangerous and hateful content, such as violence, online threats, adult content, and cyberbullying. By blocking inappropriate content, more useful learning material is made available to young learners.

And by keeping an eye on their computers, teachers can help ensure that students are not accessing anything that could be harmful to their education and well-being.

5 Reasons You Need To Monitor Students’ Computers in the Classroom

#2: Ensuring Students’ Focus and Engagement in the Learning Process

Using sophisticated and advanced screen monitoring improves student engagement. Using relevant media connected to the curricula, students find it easier to learn and communicate. Contrary to popular belief, technology in the classroom really serves to enhance learning rather than distract students. Not only does it eliminate distractions and betters students’ focus, but it also serves as a means of more efficient knowledge impartment.

Using software such as Blocksi, teachers can access students’ real-time activities and enforce and manage internet content. With it, they can stop unwanted distractions and force content to help students better understand the subject matter. It is also easier to ensure all students are included in the activities, and encouraging them to participate is simplified.

#3: Protecting the Students From Cyberbullying and Other Online Threats

Another safety benefit of efficient screen monitoring is protecting students from cyberbullying, an online threat on the rise. According to, more than twenty percent of children have already experienced some kind of cyberbullying. By monitoring what students are saying online, teachers can help reduce instances of cyberbullying and intervene when necessary.

Monitoring students’ computers also allows teachers to detect any potential issues with students’ mental health. Additionally, that can be backed by AI violence detection that is included in some of the more sophisticated classroom management software.

5 Reasons You Need To Monitor Students’ Computers in the Classroom

#4: In-Time Accessing Student Progress

Monitoring students’ progress is essential for identifying any areas of confusion and difficulty students might be having. Screen monitoring software allows in-time surveillance of students’ progress and collecting analytics to further improve pedagogy. Looking back, having knowledge of where students may be struggling can be essential in bettering and further developing the curriculum. Monitoring is also practical for keeping tabs on students’ attendance. Overall, EdTech is a useful tool for ensuring students stay on track with their studies and that no one lags behind.

#5: Identifying Cheating and Plagiarizing

Since cheating and plagiarism can pose serious problems in education, it is crucial that schools take the necessary precautions to stop such behaviors. One of the best methods for that is screen monitoring. Keeping an eye on students’ screens can help teachers spot any instances of illegal copying and address them appropriately. Monitoring the screens also allows for spotting any potential cheating or academic fraud.

5 Reasons You Need To Monitor Students’ Computers in the Classroom

Thus, classroom management is much more easily managed with the help of EdTech. And these are only a few of the ways it helps teachers to ensure their students are achieving their full potential. Technology is here to stay, and the responsibility to use it in the students’ best interest is in educators’ hands.


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