About Blocksi

Blocksi mission is to build connected appliances and software that enable people and communities complete control over their internet content.

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Blocksi is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Blocksi started its existence in August 2011 with a research project consisting on classifying the whole internet into categories. From these researches, a Cloud API was made available to third parties and a Chrome extension and a Mozilla Firefox add-on were produced.

This extension and add-on are now actively used by 300 000 users across all continents.

School district, small enterprise and parent can now come to Blocksi- a one stop shop where they can find the most versatile and features rich , proxy free, cloud based 1:1 Chromebook internet filtering and trend analysis solution as well as address the other devices filtering needs; whether at school, office or home at a price that beats any competition out there.