Having issues with registration?

Please first verify that you have internet access on your device , either through the kids, parent wifi zone or through the wired yellow port.

- If you don't have internet access, please reboot your cable modem if you are on cable or your internet router if you are on DSL, so to have your service provider acknowledge that new router. Once your cable modem or dsl router is running , then power cycle your Blocksi Router and wait for it to update. The USB light on the Blocksi Router will start to blink as the Blocksi updates itself. The update is over when that USB light switches off. From there connect to the kids wifi network and visit and register your Blocksi Router.

- If you have internet access, it is the same procedure, power cycle your Blocksi Router and wait for the USB light to switch off after it has blinked, then visit

You should then land on the registration page