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Blocksi Router

1. Do I need a subscription to use the Blocksi Router?

The Blocksi Router comes with a free 2 year subscription. After 2 years, we might introduce a subscription model for the existing filtering service or for other new services that are yet to be pushed to the Blocksi Router. Either way, the subscription for the existing service after the 2 year period will either remain free for another period of 1 or 2 years, or there will be a charge of no more than 29.95$ a year.

2. How many wifi filtering categories does it support?

It has 79 different filtering categories that you can change and customize to your preferences

3. Does it support Youtube filtering?

Yes, it has options for strict, moderate and unrestricted Youtube filtering.

4. Can I set a filtering policy and time access control on a per user level?

Yes you can add different filtering policies and time access on each individual device.

5. Can I schedule time access control for specific content such as Netflix, Youtube, Social Media, etc?

Yes, you can set different policies to different times to control when specific devices can and cannot access certain websites

6. Does the Blocksi Router only collect data on the kids devices for filtering or does it collect and filter all internet activity in the house, like some of your competitors?

Blocksi has 2 separate Networks, 1 for kids which is filtered, and another unfiltered network for parents.

7. Does it replace my existing wifi router?

Yes, it replaces your existing wifi router. It has both a kid wifi and parent wifi network so you don’t need another router

8. How many lan ports does the Blocksi Router have and are they filtered?

It has 4, Gigabits/per second, ports that support filtering.

9. Does it support satellite uplink and dynamic wan IP addresses?

Yes, the filtering does not rely on the Blocksi Router IP address.