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Blocksi Manager Home

1. Can I use Blocksi Manager Home on a supervised Chromebook account?

No, Blocksi Manager Home will not work properly on a supervised account, however, You can supervise an account with BMH so there is no need for a supervised account

2. Can I manage the Chromebook online, from anywhere?

Yes, you can sign into your Blocksi Manager dashboard from anywhere with an internet connection

3. Can BMH be used on school managed Chromebooks?

No, it has to be a Chromebook that you manage yourself

4. Can my child still login to his Chromebook using his personal or school account?

The child initially has to use the account to sign into to the Chromebook, but can access different email accounts once logged in, through the Chrome browser

5. Why does the Chromebook need to be logged into from the blocksi cloud account?

The filtering policies are only applied to the email. If the child logs into the chromebook through a personal email, your policies can not be applied

6. As the parent, do I need to be the owner/ administrator of the Chromebook?

Yes, in order to assure that the child is only able to sign in using their blocksi cloud account, you must be the admin to create these settings

7. What payment do I use?

You can pay with Paypal or credit card through Paypal