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Education Everywhere: Parent Dashboard

1. What is the Parent Dashboard?

Parent Dashboard allows parents to enforce a stricter filtering policy when the Chromebook or Chrome client is outside of school. Parents can block specific sites, and view their child's online analytics on the Parent Dashboard and receive alerts related to patterns such as cyberbullying, sel-harm, and other.

2. Does the Parent Dashboard manage only Chromebooks owned or managed by the school?

Yes, Blocksi Manager EE Parent Dashboard is only meant for school-managed Chromebook or Chrome client. If you own your Chromebook (BYOD), refer to the Blocksi Manager Home as a parental Control cloud solution for Chromebooks.

3. Can the Parent Dashboard enforce time schedule control and screen time control?

Yes, the Parent Dashboard can enforce time access control grid on various websites, such as YouTube, Social Networking, Gaming, Streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu or to deny complete online access at certain time to enforce bedtime.

4. Does the Parent Dashboard content filtering policy conflict with the School Administrator policies?

No, the Parent Dashboard filtering policies are active only when the Chromebook is geolocalized outside of school. Once the Chromebook moves back to the school building, the Administrator and/or Teacher content policy is enforced.

5. How does a parent access the BMEE Parent dashboard?

Parents need to visit, click "login" and then click on "Parent" in the "Education Everywhere" section. Provide the requested information, and the Blocksi Manager EE School Administrator would need to validate the account to make sure that the guardian/ student is authorized.

Administrator can as well mass-provision parents within the Administrator Dashboard.

6. How do you geolocalize a Chromebook when they do not have GPS??

Chromebooks are geolocalized thanks to the IP address they connect from and the set of Wi-Fi SSIDs which are beamed in the same geolocation as the Chromebooks.

Combination of this data allows geolocalization of Chromebooks for the sole purpose of applying the school filtering policies. Please read our privacy policy if you have any question related to privacy.