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Cloud hosted content filtering for your school network

CIPA Compliant Cloud Hosted DNS based content filtering for the school internet connection

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Electronic devices in schools put children off-track, especially when they have an unmanaged internet connection with access to harmful content.

We developed a cloud hosted content filtering solution that covers the entire school network. This means that any device in school is automatically filtered by a set of policies your school staff determines in advance and can update regularly.

  • Broad DNS Enhancement

    Filter inappropriate content out of your schools' network and get accurate web activity reports that deliver the insights you need. Scalable to schools of any size.

  • Robust filtering

    Filter the web through 79 categories, do Youtube filtering and create Black/white lists. Filter out mobile apps, enable Google & Bing safe search, or limit access time.

  • No hardware, no software,
    no hassle

    Cloud hosted content filtering managed in the cloud through a powerful Blocksi dashboard.

  • Make your school a distraction-free zone

  • Content filtering across 79 categories
  • CIPA compliant web categories
  • YouTube Strict and Moderate mode
  • Fast DNS over whole school network
  • Easy install- access from anywhere
  • In depth analytics and insights
  • Content Analysis

    Blocksi DNS Analytics screen SEE PLANS

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